Energy Insights FAQ

Why do I not get to see my insights?

We want to give each user insights and recommendations that are relevant to them. Therefore we have defined a minimum set of questions that need to be answered to get to know the user better. Only when that set of questions has been answered, can we give relevant insights.

Home Energy - You will only see insights into your energy use if you answer the essential questions about your home. These include the parameters that have the largest impact on your energy consumption. For example, the type of house you live in, or if you heat on gas or electricity.

Mobility - You will only see your mobility insights if you have your locations tracking set to always. Additionally, answer the questions about your car to get increasingly accurate insights. If you don’t answer the questions we assume you have a car with gasoline as fuel with a fuel efficiency of 6 L /100 km.

Lifestyle - You will get to see one value for your yearly lifestyle footprint if you answer the required lifestyle questions.

What happens if I have an Electric Car?

If you have an electric car, the energy and costs used to charge it at home are added to car fuel graphs and not the home electricity insights.

Why do I need to include my average annual energy consumption and connect my digital meter, before setting a personal budget?

The variation in real energy use between individuals can be very high, even if they have similar houses or means of transportation. Knowing your real consumption allows us to calibrate our models to your specific situation and increase the accuracy.

Why don’t I see any insights while I have filled in the required questions?

We are continuously updating our models and trying to cover as many possible situations as possible. Some situations are not covered yet, but will be soon:

  1. Thermal solar collectors for space heating

  2. Hybrid boilers (combination of heat-pump and fuel-burning (e.g. gas boiler)

  3. External heating or cooling (e.g. district heating)

If you don’t see insights and you don’t have any of the assets listed above, please let us know (shake your smartphone to report an issue).

Why do the insight values shown change over time or differ between users?

This is mainly due to 3 reasons:

  1. We use as much user data as possible in our models. The more questions answered the more personalised the model will be, giving different results.

  2. We take evolving prices into account for fuels (e.g. gas) and electricity. As these prices evolve, the insights and estimated impacts of actions will also change over time.

  3. We continuously improve our models.

What are the budget alerts?

You can set a cost budget for home energy and mobility. We track your costs depending on your information and mobility tracking data. If we measure that your current costs will go over your monthly/yearly budget you will get an alert so you can prevent going over budget.

We also take current fuel and energy prices into account. So even if you do not change your behaviour, but the prices go up with the consequence that you might go over budget, you will also receive alerts.